Millions of Americans suffer from vascular disease.  Most do not know that they

have it until they require some type of intervention. Prevention and early

detection are the keys to a successful outcome. You can make a positive

change in your health.


Center for Vascular Awareness


Our Mission

Center for Vascular Awareness was formed to educate the general public regarding the field of vascular medicine and to educate the underserved in an effort to help them help their doctor; to carry on research with respect to the field of vascular medicine and to encourage and participate in the continuing education of physicians and other scientists in the field of vascular medicine by means of scientific sessions, publications and such other instructional programs.



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Vascular disease is very common...


...but the signs and symptoms are not generally recognized or diagnosed.





Vascular Disease can KILL you.


Vascular Disease and Coronary Artery Disease have the same risk factors and are caused by the same disease process.


Awareness will lead to early detection, intervention and a better outcome and survival rate.




CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis, Connecting the Dots


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